Friday, June 27, 2014

This is Why

This is why there's a blockade of Gaza. Is this also in part why Jewish Voice for Peace, Free Gaza, ISM, and similar extremist groups want the blockade to be lifted?

From dps3:
I took this picture. I was in Israel with some American Admirals and Generals (retired) under JINSA sponsorship as the guests of their Ministry of Defense. At one point during a 9/10 day visit we got down to the Gaza border and this is one of the things we saw. A tunnel starting far back in Gaza - near a civilian area and extending nearly 3 miles long - 30 feet underground - and headed directly for a nearby kibbutz full of Israelis farmers - in Israel proper. The ultimate idea was for the tunnel to come up in the kibbutz where the civilian Israelis could be murdered or taken hostage. The reason for my sending you this picture is to show you what the Palestinians do when they do get the concrete they want (And, in fact, they get HUGE amounts of everything they claim they don’t. The ones currently imposing a real, serious, closure of Palestinian access to everything are the Egyptians, but neither the media nor the United Nations have a word to say about that since the tough guys aren’t Jews). We were told that with the amount of concrete used to build the ceiling and walls of this terror tunnel, the Palestinians could have built a multi-story home for many families or a hospital for their people. But they aren’t interested in their people or in building a real home/state for them, they’re interest in killing Jews and destroying Israel. Anyway, this is one picture I can vouch for. I took it myself with my very best camera. My iPhone. It is less than a month old.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Rolling Stones' "BDS Fail" Song

In about 18 hours Tel Aviv will be treated to perhaps the mother of all BDS fails-- its first Rolling Stones concert. The Stones are even being considerate of observant Jewish fans by delaying the start of their concert until after the close of the Shavuot holiday.

In honor of this event, I took some liberties with one of their signature songs.  

(to the tune of "Start Me Up")

Sod off BDS!
We’re in Israel though you told us “stop”.

Suck it BDS!
You don’t get to be a morals cop.

You’re just spewing rot
You’ve got nothing besides hateful thought
We’re not that naive
So we’re playing here in Tel Aviv, 
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

So BDS bye-bye
So BDS bye-bye, 
Am Yisrael Chai!
Spread out the hummus, and tahini,
We’re here in Israel,  it’s an awesome scene!