Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Inanity in the UK; Israel and the Iraq war in the USA

Zionism & Israel News: "Palestinians kidnap a BBC journalist, so they boycott Israel. It makes sense to them, right?"

Well, of course it does, if you follow the same twisted logic: blame Israel for violence between two warring Palestinian factions, armed to the teeth with weaponry that they are unable to use against Israel, thanks to the border fence around Gaza. (Very little note is taken about the fact that while there are all sorts of claims tossed around about disease and malnutrition in Gaza, there seems to be plenty of money around to buy guns and easy access across the border with Egypt that is supposedly "under siege" by Israel).

While we're at it, let's also help debunk the myth promoted on the far left in this country that the US went to war in Iraq on Israel's behalf. Check out the real story at The Iraq War: A Jewish Plot?.

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  1. I like this comment from Richard Cohen of the Washington Post:

    "In Iran, the government overturned the convictions of six men who, among other things, killed a young couple because they were walking together in public. In China, local authorities seized about 60 women and forcibly aborted their pregnancies. In Russia, the Putin government expanded its control of the media. In Cuba . . . oh, well, you already know. But what you may not know is that given such a vast palette of injustice and depredations, the British National Union of Journalists made a truly original move: It singled out Israel to boycott..... "