Thursday, May 3, 2007

Somebody reads us? Who knew! Oh, wait, I did.

Oddly enough someone nominated our post "The 'Muzzle' Watch" for a JIB (Jewish & Israeli Blog) award. Of course, nobody told us. But we found out anyway and so I'm telling you guys now.
So go vote! Right now. Go.

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  1. Apparently there was a bit of a scandal when Jewish Voice for Peace sent out a request to their 23,000 e-mail list to vote for Muzzlewatch. This "shameless bit of self promotion" propelled them to the top of their catagories. Most blogs are labors of love- produced in the den when the kids are all asleep and the household is quiet. A professionally produced blog with paid staff and a huge email list is quite a diferent beast. I wouldn't be suprised if the nomination of your post "the Muzzle Watch" was the result of disatisfaction not only with the message of Muzzlewatch, but with their "shameless self promotion" as well.
    Best of luck. You'll have my vote.