Wednesday, April 16, 2008

L’Shanah Habah B'Goshen!

How would the Jewish Voice for Peace think about Pesach?.

Dear Pharaoh;

We’re sorry that we left. We’ll be back soon. We’ve come to understand that there’s a difference in being a Hebrew and having an Exodus, and that we can still be good Hebrews without supporting an Exodus. An Exodus which causes hardship to another, equally as deserving people, the Egyptians, by unlawfully depriving them of their slave labor force, which is vital to their nationhood and national identity. Through the clarity of moral relativism we have come to accept and understand the property rights of the Egyptians’ in our continued servitude is equally as precious to them as our feelings about our role as Hebrews.

We’ll be right back to our places in Goshen so we can resume building the stone cities of Pithom and Ramses. If you could see, the first group of us is beginning to walk backwards into the Red Sea at this very moment as part of the “Phased Plan of Return” to slavery and bondage.

Yours truly,
L’Shanah Habah B”Goshen!

The Children of Israel

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  1. Do you really want to know what Jewish Voice for Peace believes about Passover? Check out the first draft of the JVP Passover Haggadah, found here