Monday, January 12, 2009

Let Barack Obama Hear Your Pro-Israel Voice

As part of the transition to the Obama Administration next week, a website has been set up to seek citizen input on a variety of issues. As the website states, "Share your ideas on any issue facing the new administration, then rate or comment on other ideas. The best rated ideas will rise to the top -- and be gathered into a Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama after he is sworn in. "

Not surprisingly, the anti-Israel crowd is trying to stuff the figurative ballot box with their hysterical screeds. Here's a small sample from what's on there tonight:
" I agree, we had enough baby sitting of Israel. Israel should get out of our lap and should face the world for it's evil acts." (punctuation was never a strong point in the anti-Zionist movement)
"Israel has killed over 100 times as many people in the last couple weeks than all of those home made bottle rockets combined. They'd still be able to do that kind of damage without our F-17s, reactive armor, bombs, etc now that we've already given them access to our technology to reverse engineer." (a homemade bottle rocket that travels 25 miles and can explode a kindergarten? that's one hell of a bottle)
"So, the point that I am trying to make here is first of all, existance of Israel is illegal. We can give back the land to Palestinians and problem solved. No more killing, no more complaining. And, I bet you that if that happens, they will be living in peace, baby sitting for each other's kids as they were used to." (on his planet, do cows fly?)

If you are a US resident: go to and set up an account. Then search for "Israel". Vote proposals up or down as appropriate; that's more important than making comments, since the "vote" totals are apparently what they will pay attention to. Apparently the page refreshes every day, so go back daily.


  1. It might help things if someone (you?) started a POSITIVE topic about Israel that people could vote UP, rather than spending all our time searching out a dozen little anti-Israel diatribes to vote DOWN.

  2. That's really funny! This guy used to be a leftist Bay Area guy. One of the rather provincial characteristics of these folks is that the presume that since all people are alike, therefore everyone must think EXACTLY as they do, and desire the same things, common goals, etc. as a highly liberal, educated Northern Californian. I find it much more accurate (and far less condescending) to ASK directly. Simply, and its not surprising, the Palestinians are different than Northern California liberals, have a different perspective, culture, goals and desires. Not everyone is motivated by purely material desires, like Marx dictated. Some cultures, particularly Arab culture, place greater significance on matters of honor/shame, and so, to the eyes of a Northern California liberal, are acting irrationally and against their own interests, Its why our Bay Area activists get it WRONG so much of the time.