Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ahmedinejad: Did He Really Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night?

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the front man for the dictatorial, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic Iranian regime, is coming to New York again to address the United Nations later this month. And, as he did last year, he plans to stay at the Barclay Hotel in New York, owned by InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

Coming on the heels of an election that had all the hallmarks of an orchestrated fraud, and a crackdown on peaceful protestors that included mass arrests, torture and firing on unarmed civilians, all done in the looming shadow of the mushroom cloud that Iran seeks to unleash upon Israel, Europe and America, one might think that InterContinental might not want their presidential suite befouled by the presence of this thug. But one would, unfortunately, be wrong.

A group called United Against Nuclear Iran, which includes among its co-founders Dennis Ross and Richard Holbrooke, has started a campaign to call upon InterContinental to refuse to host Ahmedinejad and his delegation. You can go here to send a message directly to the Barclay's management.

And while I would venture that most of my readership doesn't stay at an InterContinental Hotel too often (I certainly haven't), it turns out that InterContinental also owns one of the best-known midrange hotel chains: Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. So, think about it-- the next time you're on the road and want to spend the night somewhere, do you really want to stay with the people whose company does business with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad?
InterContinental has a corporate website comment form here.


  1. But on other hand, do you want hotels blacklisting their clients based on political affiliation?

  2. This is a bit more than political affiliation- this man has threatened the jews of Israel with genocide.