Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eyad Kishawi: Spreading a new Blood Libel?

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One of the most recognizable images from this weekend's escalation in Gaza has turned out to be fraud.

Eyad Kishawi, from the local branch of the extremist organization Al Awda just sent out this email - to thousands

From: Eyad Kishawi
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 10:37 PM
Subject: [Al-Awda-SF] Israeli Zionism in action-another massacre in Gaza [2 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Eyad Kishawi included below]

Please share and break the silence. Show how Israel murders our children and has been doing so for 64 years. Let people know what Obama and Netanyahu do to a population under siege.

End Israeli apartheid, end the occupation, end ethnic cleansing. Boycott, divest and enforce sanctions on this criminal entity.

This girl deserved a future.

Eyad, like J Street, needs to hire a fact checker. This photo was taken in 2006, and had been used fraudulently to demonize Israel before.

ATTENTION EDITORS - CAPTION CORRECTION FOR SJS01 - 05 WHICH WERE TRANSMITTED AT APPROXIMATELY 1725 GMT ON AUGUST 9, 2006. THE CAPTION INCORRECTLY STATES THE CAUSE OF DEATH. CORRECTED VERSIONS IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW THIS ADVISORY. WE ARE SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE CAUSED. REUTERS. A Palestinian man carries the body of three year-old Raja Abu Shaban, in Gaza August 9, 2006. The three-year-old girl who had been reported killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza on Wednesday actually died of an accident, Palestinian medical workers said on Thursday. Workers at Gaza's Shifa hospital said on August 10, 2006 that the initial mistake over the cause of death appeared to have arisen because the girl's corpse was brought in at the same time as the bodies of the gunmen. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES)

Thanks Israellycool for bringing this to our attention.

We've learned today that J street can be fairly casual with truth and accuracy, but when prodded will issue a correction. Eyad Kishawi will get a copy of this post via email. Will he issue a retraction to the Al Awda email list? We'll let you know.


  1. This story gets more and more interesting. Kishawi issued a retraction (of sorts), or at least admitted using a false photo. Then today Honest Reporting broke the report that the original false photo was sent out from Gaza-- by a United Nations employee!

  2. Eyad Kishawi has been distributing the emails of certain Zionists- maybe the ones on this log? I think he he is upset that he got caught

  3. Eyad Kishawi and his wifeling, Emily Katz are anti-Israeli activists that operate out of San Carlos. Exercise caution in dealing with them- they simply aren't rational.

  4. I know Emily Katz Kishawi. She started the how dare the Jews plant trees and conserve water campaign, that I believe is called. "stop the JNF"

  5. I can't believe Emily Katz Kishawi is still at this- years ago, her and Sara Kirshnar- partners in hate- worked in a rape crisis center where all volunteers pretty much had to take an anti-Israel oath. This was a facility that collected over a half million dollars in city funding. There should have been a huge scandal over it- instead it was swept under the rug.

  6. Emily and Eyad are divorced. Their hate for Israel was not strong enough to keep their family together.