Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mays Abu Gosh: Firebomber wannabe, and JVP latest Cause célèbre

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Has Jewish Voice for Peace ever met a terrorist they didn't embrace?  Jewish Voice for Peace is so devoid of a moral compass they honored Rasmea Odeh at their annual gala.  Odeh is a vile terrorist whose claim to notoriety was placing a bomb in a kosher grocery store in Jerusalem, just before Shabbat.

Ben Lorber of JVP up close and personal with convicted murderer  Rasmea Odeh

Mays Abu Gosh (aka Mais Abu Gosh) is the latest cause célèbre for Jewish Voice for Peace. 

Mays Abu Gosh's history is difficult to ferret out,  so dominant is the Palestinian narrative on the Web.  She's either

1) a student
2) a journalist
3) student journalist
4) a peace activist

depending on what what piece of agitprop you're reading.

Cospicuously absent from the online  #FreeMays puff pieces are any mention her family, and their history of violent terrorism directed against the Israeli people

Mays Abu Gosh's brother Hussein murdered a 24 year old, Shlomit Krigman, in front of a Beit Horon grocery store in 2016. He was shot by a security guard after he tried to attack  others in the  store. The  17 year old Hussein (yes, another one of the "children" dead in the conflict) had planned to detonate 3   pipe bombs before he was neutralized. His accomplice Ibrahim Osama Allan, 23,  was also killed

Mays Abu Gosh 's cousin Hussein Salem Abu Ghosh, 24, attempted to ram his car into a bus stop, near the town of  Kochav Yaakov.  He was shot to death, still clutching his  knife.

Mays' brother Suleiman is also current in prison.

Mays Abu Gosh is a member of Al-Qutub, the student arm of the terrorist PFLP group on campus and was found with several firebombs in her possession.  (descibed in some of the online hagiographies as "organizing nonviolent student activities" ) She 's been sentenced to 16 months in prison, and a fine of 2,000 NIS. 

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