Friday, February 9, 2007

Those who claim they are silenced were asked to speak!

At the Walid Shoebat talk on February 5th at UC Davis, a group of students stood in silent protest within the event, red tape over their mouths, and claimed they were being silenced.

In reality, when the Q&A period arrived, those with the red tape were brought to the front of the line. Naturally, this was because Shoebat was eager to refute their arguments and expose their naiveté. When the students rose to walk out en masse, Shoebat even urged them to stay and voice their positions.

When push came to shove, the anti-Israel forces choose to claim persecution rather than give their views a true vetting. What scares them most is the exposure of their lies and the house of cards on which they have built their campaign agenda.

This is especially true in the current environment where there is a coordinated campaign to spread the obviously false message that anti-Israel viewpoints are suppressed.

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