Monday, February 26, 2007

A Voice of Reason from an Unlikely Source

Standing apart from all the syncophantic support for Jimmy Carter's misuse of the term apartheid is a wonderfully written opinion piece by Irshad Manji, the dissident Moslem feminist. Is she critical of Israel for some of the things it does? Sure she is-just like many Israelis, Americans, and other people of good will who don't throw inflammatory phrases around like confetti to sell books or get attention. But she can cut through the intellectual garbage from the likes of Carter, Finkelstein, and Jewish Voice for Peace with a reasoned explanation of where they are so very, very wrong.

Check it out here.


  1. Where else but Israel, the Apartheid state?

    The third in line for the Presidency of Israel is an Arab Druze member of the Knesset, Majallie Whbee of Kadima.
    Since the President is on leave of absence and the acting president is on vacation, this week Israel will have an Arab Druze acting as President of the Jewish State.

    Yep- in Israel, the book on apartheid must have come without instructions.

  2. What a refreshing and balanced piece. Critical of Israel, yes, but not so misleading and inflammatory as so many of the critics that claim to be "muzzled" are.

  3. I have heard great things about Manji. She really sounds like she has her head screwed on straight. A person who can look at something from a pretty unbiased perspective. I heard there is a documentary about her that is going to be on PBS in April. Should be very interesting to hear more from her.