Friday, June 8, 2007

Here's Mud in Yer Eye, Guv'ner!

Normally, we at BlueTruth provide information and commentary; usually we don't make a point of asking readers to take specific action. However, as events would have it, not only are we happy to help publicize this weekend's counterprotest in DC (wish we could be there!), but we also offer the chance to help act against the proposed British UCU (University and College Union) boycott of Israeli universities and academics.

(if any of you weren't paying attention to any of that stuff, you can read all about it at the British site EngageOnline which was founded to combat anti-Israel boycott efforts).

Now I'm always good about sending off e-mails to decision makers, etc., etc. But while I know it's the right thing to do, I don't have any illusion that it's going to do much. I somehow don't think the folks at the UCU are going to suddenly leap out of their seats and change their minds because 10,000 Israel supporters from around the world are sending them e-mails. It's more the idea that if WE don't send those e-mails, nobody else is going to do that and silence is not a good option.

However, for those of us that like to take things to the streets and to the people, our friends at BlueStarPR have outdone themselves! Check out their new poster about the proposed British boycott of Israeli academia. Let's help them get it displayed at Tube and train stations all over London. Go here to help; make sure that you specify that it is for the British anti-boycott campaign. Let's take this across the pond and get them stammeringly red in the face as they try to backpedal from throwing away their laptops and cellphones that are contaminated with Israeli technology.

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