Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wait a Second: Now It's My Fault Because I'm a Dude?

As another not-particularly-crazy internet savvy person, I too enjoy laughing my butt off at the blather posted on MuzzleWatch by Cecilie Surasky and Rob Lipton. So today I came across a new article on that comedy source for the ages: an article titled "Synchronicity: Forward publishes article about vitriol on blogs."
Now, I'm not disputing the premise of the article. The internet is a place where people can talk in anonymity, which invariably leads to shouting matches.
But in making my way through this muck, I found this little gem:
Is the harshness of language a natural outgrowth of a male-dominated medium in which anonymity gives many a chance to speak without accountability?
When did the internet, the great equalizer, become yet another outpost of our (apparently) incredibly chauvinist society, along with Western imperialism, colonialism, and all sorts of other "liberal" buzzwords?
Are you telling me that in a country where we are (rightfully) taught that all people are equal, where schools are mandated to have equal funding for boys and girls sports, where companies are applauded for appointing women to high posts, where feminism has gone so far as to make education tilted against young boys, the outlet accessible to almost everyone, has become yet another "male-dominated medium?"
Lady, you have got to be kidding me.

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